Compliance Week

Credemtia’s Compromise with Compliance

  • CredeMtia is committed to having a strong compliance program not only to meet the healthcare industry requirements but also to seek the highest quality of services for our clients.

During compliance week we remind ourselves and our clients of our commitment to compliance and the importance of the 7 elements and how it impacts our operation and our services to our clients.

The 7 Elements of Compliance:

  • The seven (7) elements of an effective compliance program are a roadmap to achieving the highest standards of quality services to our clients.

Standards of conduct, policies, and procedures: By having standards of conduct we guarantee that our employees conduct themselves professionally and ethically within the organization and with our clients.

Compliance Officer and Committee: Our Compliance Officer works together with the Compliance Committee to establish goals, evaluate compliance, and create ways to improve performance.

Communication and Education: Communication is the basis for the success of any organization. Education is needed to keep updated on the most recent requirements and standards in the healthcare industry.

Internal Monitoring: With internal monitoring, we evaluate the performance, and we detect any wrongdoing.

Reporting and Investigating: CredeMtia encourages all employees to raise concerns about any noncompliance, with this investigation initiated, and if any wrongdoing is found appropriate corrective action is taken.

Enforcement and Discipline: Incentives are the best way to ensure compliance. If any wrongdoing is found disciplinary action is necessary to correct course.

Response and Prevention: Any issues and concerns require rapid response. By creating policies and procedures we prevent any future incidents like the concerns raised.