Industry Leaders presents the Future of Credentialing

Recently, Credemtia was present at the first conference regarding the maintenance, processing, and management of credentials and privileges, sponsored by the Puerto Rico Hospital Association, «CREDENCIALIZACION 2023».

Besides healthcare executives, there were staff from the Medical Faculty Departments of the hospitals in Puerto Rico, as well as other institutions that have the obligation to do credentialing.

As part of the agenda, our CEO, Atty. Salvador Rovira Rodríguez talked about the elements that should be known regarding the importance of credentialing.  In addition, Atty. Maricarmen Muntaner, along with Mrs. Ivette Sierra, participated in a panel on risks associated with credentialing processes.

The program was also attended by Atty. Alexander Adams, Commissioner of Insurance of Puerto Rico, as well as Atty. Dinorah Collazo, executive director of the Medicaid Program of the Department of Health.  They talked about the bill that is pending for approval by the Senate, to implement a centralized accreditation process in Puerto Rico.

The activity fulfilled the purpose for which it was organized, carrying a clear and forceful message about the importance of good management of credentials and the particularities of the process to grant privileges in hospitals.