Fostering Medical Innovation: New Alliance Fosters Innovation in the Digital Health Sector

The merger simplifies the management of healthcare credential data. 

SAN JUAN, PR, October 10, 2022– The two leading healthcare software companies in Puerto Rico, HIIP and Agilerta, join forces to launch CredeMtia, an innovative software technology that will transform the management of healthcare organizations and providers across the Caribbean and in continental United States. CredeMtia streamlines credentialing for healthcare organizations and providers, keeping hospitals and independent medical practices compliant, which in result, give doctors more career flexibility and help patients get faster access to physicians.

As part of Hospital’s Week, CredeMtia was presented to a group of health professionals. According to its CEO, Salvador Rovira Rodríguez, this alliance is unique for health service providers throughout the Island and adjacent markets since both Agilerta and HIIP have been part of the development of the Health Ecosystem in Puerto Rico during the past years, knowing first-hand the needs of health service providers, benefiting them with innovative solutions. Rovira Rodríguez pointed out, «this effort comes to give peace of mind to providers and institutions in the matter of their credentials and those of the medical faculties, as well as those of the provider networks that are duly certified, by the only CVO accredited by NCQA on the Island.»

For its part, Nardy Delgado, Managing Partner of Agilerta and member of CredeMtia’s Board of Directors, noted that because physicians have their practices with a high volume of daily patients, this platform allows them to focus on their patients first. Meanwhile, CredeMtia executives continue to work and develop alternatives to ease the burden of managing and administering the practices of health care providers.

«What we are looking for is that they can do everything, from the comfort of their computer or smartphone, in an efficient way and with trained personnel to assist them in the management of each of these areas,» he reiterated.

«Our main goal will be that the doctor and his employees can comply with the hospital institutions, insurers and state and federal agencies applicable to the issue, using the HIIP module and the Medical Concierge service to manage their credentials and privileges keeping them up to date and thus minimize the risk of claims for inadequate processes. It is an efficient and simple way for the processes of Initial Credentialing and Re-credentialing,» said Rovira who has stood out as a strategist in the design of solutions for companies and organizations in the Health Ecosystem for more than 27 years.

Both experts agreed that the strategic alliance between Agilerta and HIIP represents a breakthrough for the medical class and providers meeting much of their needs.