The NexoSur 2022 Convention of the Puerto Rico Southern Chamber of Commerce

Ponce, PR, November 10, 2022— CredeMtia was present at the NexoSur 2022, the annual event of the Puerto Rico Southern Chamber of Commerce. The activity, focused on the business and commercial sector, was held on Tuesday, November 8 and 9.

The event featured resources the commercial and business sector, workshops on innovation, development, and business continuity. Credemtia was also part of the event as we seek as a company to focus on the development of the health system in Puerto Rico.

The event was attended by the Honorable Manuel Cidre, Secretary of the Department of Economic and Commercial Development of Puerto Rico, Honorable Jeniffer Gonzales, Resident Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in Washington DC and the Secretary of Treasury, Francisco Parés, who represented the government’s reaction to the economic crisis in the country.

During NexoSur, the Chamber of Commerce awarded the Ceiba awards, which are an special recognition to leaders and organizations that have excelled in various areas of the community, with the purpose of recognizing the benefit for the social and economic well-being of Puerto Rico.