CredeMtia Launches New Module: CredeMtia MAM

CredeMtia, a leading company in digital solutions for the healthcare industry, has launched its new Medical Appointment Management module, «CredeMtia Medical Appointment Management» (CredeMtia MAM), designed to transform the clinical experience.

The CredeMtia MAM module optimizes clinical workflows, reduces staff burnout, and improves patient access to medical services. Using HIPAA-compliant technology, the platform allows patients to request appointments 24/7 without the need for phone calls, ensuring exceptional service.

Salvador F. Rovira Rodriguez, President and CEO of CredeMtia, highlighted: «This product benefits both the physician and the patient by significantly improving access to medical services. The platform alleviates the administrative burden on physicians, ensuring they meet contractual metrics from credential management to the MD Profile.»

As part of its comprehensive suite of digital platforms, CredeMtia facilitates the efficient management of credentials, payer contracts, and performance data for medical practices, institutions, and health plans.

With this launch, CredeMtia reaffirms its commitment to providing technological solutions that not only meet the highest standards of security and quality but also enhance operational efficiency and profitability for healthcare organizations nationwide.

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